Miami Beach offers some of Florida’s best seaside ambiences that will appeal to families with children. However, this island city barrier between Biscayne Bay and the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean does not only offer a luxurious lifestyle and beautiful beaches. The best places for families in Miami Beach include recreation areas as well as gardens and parks, which promise fun days with the kids.

An iconic green space on the Miami Beach waterfront, Lummus Park offers a scenic promenade that is reminiscent of Copacabana. You can take the kids on a nature adventure fishing and kayaking through the mangrove forests in the Oleta River State Park, or even swim, play ball and even experience skydiving at the theme park. Jungle Island. Here’s a look at some of the best things to do with your family in Miami Beach.

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This Copacabana-inspired walk is a great starting point for enjoying the seaside vibe of Miami Beach. If you’re nostalgic for Two Cops in Miami , you can head to Lummus Park and along Ocean Drive to recall some unforgettable scenes. The path that winds in the shade of tall palm trees and seaside grapes offers a pleasant walk to the beach. Before brushing the sand, you may find a corner of the lawn to sit and watch the children play.

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This fun theme park is located less than 15 minutes’ drive west of Miami Beach along the MacArthur Causeway. Jungle Island is an eco-friendly adventure park that will ensure you have a great day out with the family. The older ones will slide on the zip lines, while the little ones will enjoy the animals on the educational farm or have fun on the inflatable water slides. The most active children can compete in a Nerf gun battle or try the Super Flight Aerodium, an outdoor wind tunnel to experience the sensations of free fall of a parachute jump.