The 12 Days Everest Base Camp trek is a once in a lifetime trekking journey for many climbers in the world of mountaineering. You need to have proper planning and preparation before you go on this exciting yet difficult journey on Everest Region.

You need to prepare yourself completely for the trek and keep emergencies in mind. The most important part of the planning though, is the gears packing. Proper and essential gear can either make your trip successful or make it a bad memory for you.

In this article we will take a deep look into how to prepare the essential gear for your Everest Base Camp to make the trip safe and memorable.

Proper clothes

The first type of gear is obviously the clothes. The weather up there is cold and unpredictable. You have to protect your body from the cold. 

While packing your clothes, layers are the key.

Base layer clothes

This layer of clothes keeps you dry and acts like a foundation base on your skin.

Warm Layer of clothes

For this layer, pack a fuzzy and cozy fleece jacket that will keep you comfortable and warm in the difficult hike.

Outer layer of clothes

For this layer, you will be needing clothing items that are waterproof. Invest in some good quality waterproof jackets and pants. It can drizzle and rain, so you will have to prepare yourself for the wet weather.

Comfortable Hiking Boots

Boots are your best friends in the Everest Base Camp trek because this trek requires tons of walking and hiking. You will walk for multiple kilometers a day, you cannot walk around in shoes that give blisters on your foot.

You will need to invest in some high quality hiking books that will provide warmth and comfort on your feet. A waterproof and warm pair of hiking boots will be good to go. 


Your backpack will act as your pandora box in your trek. It is a crucial part of essential gear for your Everest Base Camp trek. 

Your backpack needs to be the correct size to hold all of your items like clothes, food, first aids, water, etc. 

One thing to remember is that it needs to fit all your essentials but it must not be too huge that it becomes difficult to carry.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are absolutely essential. They keep you warm as they add one extra layer to the insulation

Sometimes the accommodation mattresses may not be comfortable for you to adjust on. A good sleeping bag will help you to get a proper sleep. A proper sleep is really important in your trek. 

A proper sleep allows you to be energized for the next day of the Everest Base Camp trek.

Trekking Poles

The Everest Base Camp trek consists of a lot of ups and downs, you will climb up and down the hills and mountains. So you will need proper support.

A good trekking pole will be your friend in an unsteady and rough path. Your knees will absolutely thank you for it!


The night in the mountains can get pitch dark. A light source is very important to carry with yourself in the Everest Base Camp trek. A good headlamp with adjustable brightness will be helpful and also do not forget an extra set of batteries.


The right size of water bottle is important in your trek. You need to be properly hydrated in your trek in order to ensure a safe trek for yourself. 

You can purify water from streams with filters or tablets. 

First Aid

You never know what kind of emergency might arrive at any given point of time in the trip. You will have to be prepared with essential items like bandages, wipes, blister cares, pain relievers and a bunch of tablets for various illnesses like nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, gastric, cold etc


You need to have proper toiletries with simple items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer to be clean on the go, toothbrush and toothpaste, soaps ets. Wet wipes and towels will also be really helpful.

Money and Documents

You can keep some local currency for smaller expenses. You can keep a pouch or a small bag to store essential documents like passport, permits and travel insurance. Make sure the bag or pouch is waterproof.