The Taj Mahal can be found here if you’re trying to find it. Here are all the details you’ll need to plan a same daytaj mahal tour by car. The Taj Mahal may be found in Agra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Regardless, the Taj Mahal is a major reason Agra is so beautiful and has become one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

The Best Time to Travel

The best time is from November to February, because before or after that, it can be too hot or wet to be comfortable. However, the off-season is when you’ll find the best deals.

The color of the Taj Mahal changes subtly throughout the day as the sun moves higher and lower in the sky. Getting up early to witness its beautiful unveiling is certainly worth the trouble. If you visit around dawn, you can avoid the massive crowds that form later in the morning.

Activities Near the Taj Mahal

Visit the garden, mosque, and other buildings in the complex to round out your experience at the Taj Mahal. Visit the Taj Mahal and its stunning garden on a full moon night. Everyone should visit the Taj Mahal and take pictures with their loved ones there.

The tomb is the centrepiece of the entire structure. It is a large, square structure of white marble with an Iwan (an arch-shaped gateway) and a large dome and finial.

Exterior Decorations


The Taj Mahal is protected from earthquakes by four identical minarets standing at similar distances apart, each leaning slightly outward.

Plant Motifs

The Taj Mahal features an inscription of ginger flowers, a shrub with a conical flower that can be found in the mosque.

Base & Dome

Four smaller dome-shaped chattris (kiosks) are strategically placed at its four corners, echoing the onion shape of the main dome.

Finial &Tamga

The final, or tamga, is the building’s highest point. Metal is the material used.

Interior Decorations

Pietra Dura

Stone carving, in its broadest sense, is called pietra dura. Using abraded marble plates as a base, ornate objects are made by encrusting them with stones.


The eight pishtaq arches that make up the four major arches at the top set the tone for the room. These transform into balconies and viewing rooms where you can take the scenery through elaborate marble screens and windows. These openings and those in the roof’s apexes allow light to enter the room.

Jali Work

Skilled artisans intricately crafted Jaalis, an important decorative element in traditional Indian, Indo-Islamic, and Islamic buildings. Earlier Jaali art featured cutting into stone, often in geometric patterns. In contrast, later Mughal work, such as that seen at the Taj Mahal, used highly delicately carved plant-based designs.

Agra Fort, Sikandra, Itmad-Ud-Daulah, and Fatehpur Sikri are just a few of the numerous attractions in the area. Take in the peaceful and relaxing scenery along the Yamuna. These are some activities you can enjoy near the Taj Mahal.


The Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the world’s seven wonders because of how beautifully the Mughals built it. The Makrana Marble, an ivory-white stone, was used to construct this Islamic tomb on the Yamuna River’s bank. It is considered an Indian artistic masterpiece and a priceless piece of history. On your taj mahal tour from delhi, travel from Delhi to Agra in an air-conditioned car.