Are you bored of weekend outings in Mumbai? If so, then give yourself a fresh start by visiting the picturesque waterfalls that are located near the city. Mumbai has numerous waterfalls with cascades ranging from 30 feet to 853 feet high and are set against verdant green valleys covered in dense forest. Here, you can refresh your mind and find new zeal in life by watching the waterfalls for as many hours as you wish. That’s not all. You can also indulge in adventurous activities like trekking and hiking and make your getaway special. So, if you want to explore the waterfalls near Mumbai, you can book one of the best hotels in Mumbai for stay and opt for outstation car rental services to drive to the following locations and catch a sight of the waterfalls nearby the city. With convenient outstation car rental options in Mumbai, you can have the freedom to explore the waterfalls and surrounding areas at your own pace..

Bhivpuri Falls

Located near Karjat in Mumbai, Bhivpuri Falls is one of the most preferred destinations among travellers. The pleasant atmosphere and enchanting scenic view of this waterfall make it a perfect picnic spot near Mumbai. While you are here, take a bath in the plunge pool as it will give you a splendid experience of the place. Additionally, this is also a good place for trekking. All in all, if you are an adventure enthusiast and are looking for the best waterfall to explore near Mumbai EireTrip then add Bhivpuri Falls to your list right away.

Bhagirath Falls

A wonder of nature near Mumbai, Bhagirathi waterfalls is a perfect weekend getaway for those who are looking for quiet natural surroundings. Unlike many other waterfalls, this waterfall is not known to many and hence the place remains silent. The serene ambience and lush green surroundings are the key aspects of this place. On every weekend, several adventure camps take place in this location and if you love water rappelling or rock climbing then you can take part in these thrilling activities. Besides, it is also an ideal place for those planning a one-day picnic.

Malshej Falls

Another popular waterfall that you must visit near Mumbai is Malshej Falls. Set amidst the lush green valley, this place looks amazing during the monsoon season as the cascade flows in full fervour. What’s more interesting is that during this time the majestic Flamingos from Europe can be seen here. It is one of the best picnic spots near Mumbai and is also a perfect place for those who love trekking. Besides, this is also a favourite spot for those that are insect lovers.

Kune Falls

Are you heading to Khandala in Mumbai? If so, then Kune Falls is somewhere you should definitely visit. Located at a short distance from Khandala railway station, Kune is a three-tiered waterfall which is at a height of 622 metres. It is also claimed to be the 14th highest waterfall in India. Set amidst dense green surrounding, this is a popular tourist spot near Mumbai that remains crowded during the weekend. If you are here, do visit the Kune Church which is also another major attraction of this place.

Randha Falls

If it comes to magnificence and grandeur, then there is no better option than Randha waterfalls near Mumbai. Situated in Rajpur near Ahmednagar, Randha waterfalls is known for its gorgeous cascade that falls from a height of 170 feet. Besides being the most popular waterfall in Maharashtra, it is also the third-largest waterfall in India. Set amidst the lush green surrounding, this falls is one of the best places to visit during the monsoon as the cascades get more voluminous which is an enticing thing to see. This place is also ideal for trekking and various other adventure sports activities.

Dabdaba Falls

Also called Dabhosa waterfall, Dabdaba falls in the Thane district of Mumbai is known for its breathtaking beauty and is also the best weekend getaway in the city. Situated amidst a concrete jungle and covered by dense green forest, the water of this fall descends from a height of 300 feet. The flow of the cascade down a series of rocks is what makes the waterfall look so beautiful here. If you are near the plunging pool, then you can bathe in here as the water is crystal clear. Besides, the plunging pool here also makes this place more exciting as it is an ideal place for enjoying various water sports activities as well.

The city of Mumbai is blessed with numerous waterfalls which are some of the perfect weekend gateways to explore. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Mumbai and drive to these destinations and enjoy the sight of the waterfalls till satisfied.