While hopping around the cafe and spa scene sounds amazing, sometimes it can be tiring. Having a home base to return to, to rest and refresh is a must. Stay in a villa in Canggu, Bali and be treated like royalty! A luxury private villa with your own private pool is the ultimate party spot for your fabulous friends to come back to after a day out. Drinks by the pool, dinner cooked by a professional chef and all the amenities are a reality, not a dream. Imagine waking up with a view of the ocean before you, and the whole city behind you, ready for anything you want to do today!

Doopio Blue

An interesting place for breakfast and to take some great photos. Fluffy and delicious vegan pancakes, huge portions, and delectable home made lemonade with ginger will keep you coming back. Doopio is a chain and has a sister restaurant in Seminyak and other parts of Asia but don’t let that stop you, they have it figured out. The friendly staff makes for an enjoyable experience.

Fat Mermaid 

Prepare to have your expectations surpassed. Try a delicious salad, teriyaki chicken bowl or calamari and bacon fries! The freshest homemade juice will quench the mightiest of thirst. On Sundays there is a local market of curated sellers in front of the restaurant. Definitely something to check out to get some local flavour. Come for great prices and a wonderful experience.

Penny Lane

A Canggu icon, with a beautiful setting, Penny Lane is a destination not a restaurant. With its fun decor and quirky interior design there is a lot to look at. Try the pesto gnocchi, or the truffle chips. The burgers are huge and all the food is a generous portion size for the price. This place has really nailed the science of how to run a great restaurant. Friendly staff and attentive service will keep you coming back for more.


An awesome spot for breakfast with great tasting quality coffee. The service from the well trained staff and presentation of each dish is exceptional. Come relax in the peaceful outdoor eating area and listen to the jazz band play while you sip your chilled white wine. Cinta has a beautiful venue with a warm and welcoming feel. Come with friends for a rousing good time or alone with a good book. Either way the menu will delight any guest.


Located in the middle of a rice paddy field makes driving and parking quite difficult. But that does not stop the loyal restaurant goers from visiting. Semi outdoor space with a stunning view of the local surroundings. A very cosy place to chill in the relaxing Bali breeze. Try the overwhelmingly delicious Eggsy burger for a reasonable price. You won’t be disappointed!