Peaches and peanuts- an odd combination but is vastly grown in one of the most fascinating countries- Georgia. Situated at the dividing line of Asia and Europe, and in the heart of Caucasus, Indians love this country for all the right reasons. 

Are you fascinated by the process of winemaking? Why don’t you try exploring it where it originated? Georgia is a charming country to visit all year round. However, if you’re planning to avoid both the summer heat and freezing winters, prefer the months of May to October. 

Distanced about 4000 kms away from India, many Indian travellers flock to Georgia every year. All because of its simplified visa application process. One can go for either a sticker or an E-visa process while applying for a Georgia tourist visa. 

But first, take note of these top 8 enchanting destinations to explore in this hidden gem of the Caucasus- 

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Hidden gem of the Georgia- 

  • Jekyll Island

The first stop for all the beach babies in Georgia, on the southernmost coast, lies the pristine Jekyll Island. 

The island is designated as the Georgia state park and is highly committed to wildlife conservation. Known for its secluded beaches, many travelers come to Jekyll to witness sea turtles, alligators, and marshes. 

Within a proximal distance of 10 miles, one can explore the beaches and the historic charm of the millionaires’ village.  

Must Experience: Driftwood Beach Photography & Jekyll Island Club Museum

  • Helen

Georgia is known for its southern hospitality and beautiful architecture. This brings us to a quaint Alpine village nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Helen. 

The village has a Bavarian-inspired architecture, charming shops, and the most beautiful Chattahoochee River. 

So you feel you’re in Europe while you’ve got the perks of Georgia. Several German festivals and lively gatherings including the annual Oktoberfest celebration are celebrated in Helen. 

You can be a part of a plethora of outdoor activities. Explore nearby hiking trails, go tubing or kayaking on the river, and enjoy the natural beauty of Unicoi State Park.

Must Experience: Scenic vineyards & Carriage Rides

  • Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta

Mtskheta, a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasts the stunning Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. It is the largest historical church building among the surviving ones in Georgia. 

You can wander around the conical dome built in medieval architecture,  with intricate carvings and religious significance in present times. 

 Must Experience: Mural paintings and celebrations dedicated to the Twelve Apostles and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

  • Sighnaghi

Known as the “City of Love,” Sighnaghi is one of the most aesthetic destinations you’ll find in Georgia. 

The town is situated in the Kakheti region in Eastern Georgia. Wine lovers can enjoy a stroll through the local wineries here. You’ll have to catch a taxi or use intercity buses to get from Tbilisi to Sighnaghi.

While the atmosphere is romantic, the town has become a hub of artists with numerous art galleries displaying the finest works of international artists. 

Must Experience: Bodbe Monastery and wine tasting

  • Vardzia 

Did you know if you are a trained hunter, Georgia has about a million acres of public land available for hunting? 

If that’s fascinating enough, you’ll find exploring the untapped caves of  Georgia better. Giving an insight into the medieval history of Georgia, the Vardziahe is a cave built into the cliffs of the Erusheti Mountain.

The intricate network of tunnels and chambers within the cliffs adds an element of mystery to Vardzia. No wonder, it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Must Experience: Climb stone staircases & Kula river

  • Callaway Gardens

If you seek a unique natural experience, Callaway Gardens is spread across 2500 acres of nature trails. Located in the heart of the Pine Mountains, this destination is nothing short of what you call a paradise. 

You can head to the man-made Robin lake beach to partake in watersports such as paddleboarding and Kayaking. 

Home to over 1,000 butterflies representing a variety of species, this conservatory allows visitors to observe these colorful insects in a lush, tropical environment.

Must Experience: Light displays during festivals, and the Callaway Discovery Center for exhibits. 

An escape is all you need to learn, rejuvenate, and bounce back. Georgia is the most beautiful country that has everything from ancient cities to natural wonders to beaches to mountains! 

With its warm-hearted people, delectable cuisine, and a spirit that resonates in every corner, you’ll not find any reason to complain. Georgia beckons travelers to uncover its secrets and create enduring memories in this land where history and beauty converge.