If you have ever traveled to Italy you have surely wondered what the difference could be between a r I can choose to accompany my steak with pasta and a if it was possible to order pasta to accompany your meat or to end your meal with a piece of cheese. As a good Frenchman, you must have also moaned at least once for having felt like you had fallen into a tourist trap or for having had to pay for your water, your cutlery and your bread. When we travel abroad, there are always a few details that escape us. In a country like Italy where food holds such an important place, this fact is all the more a reality in restaurants. At Amusement we want all of your travel experiences to be positive, which is why we have put together this selection of tips to prepare you the best for your next stay in the wonderful land of pasta, ice cream and pizza. Because a trip to the peninsula also involves discovering its excellent gastronomy and the local gastronomic culture Here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to make the most of the treasures of restaurant in pakistan


An attentive traveler will have noticed the long list of different places to have lunch and dinner in Italy, surely wondering what the difference could be between one and the other. This difference is in truth no longer as marked as it used to be, especially between rooster and oratorio . The name wisteria derives from the word “oste” , “the host”, the one who serves the wine. The wisteria was originally a place where people went to drink and chat over a glass of wine.. Some very simple dishes, like those prepared at home, could be. It is this same relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere that you will find in the rooster .

As for the oratorio , it was born as a place to eat. It was obviously possible to accompany your dish with a glass of wine, often from the house, served in the carafe (which is generally still the case today) but we went there (and we ‘still goes there) mainly for good traditional and authentic cuisine. It is in the trattorie that you should find the most typical and regional dishes , like those that the Italians eat at Grandma’s. Simple but tasty cuisine. It is the ideal place to taste the great classics of the city you are in because as you know each region has its own specialties, the catechist alla Florentine in Florence ,pasta caccio e pepe in Rome , i l ragù bologna in Bologna or Colette alla Milanese in Milan . The atmosphere is just as relaxed and the management is often family. Some trattories offer fixed menus at noon, for workers and this is the opportunity to enjoy a complete and economical meal (which is not negligible when traveling in big cities where prices are always higher) for around € 10. The menu changes from day to day and do not miss a taste of the vegetables ( greenery in Italian, to be chosen as a contorno) that accompany the main, seasonal dish, you may not find them with us because many of them have not been cultivated in France for many years.

Bucolic alla Milanese, typical dish from Milan, always served with risotto alla Milanese (with saffron).

The difference is more significant with the restaurantIt is mainly felt in the atmosphere which is much more formal and chic , especially with regard to the service, more rigid, hierarchical, conventional and professional. The dishes offered are more sought after, more refined and more elaborate. The price therefore is generally higher than that of osterie and trattorie . restaurant in pakistan come to the r restaurant in pakistan to celebrate a special occasion or to have a quality dining experience.

True or false 

-It is not possible to order water in a carafe, you have to pay.

TRUE but the price is usually relatively low, around 1.5 € for a large bottle of water.

-Always add the price of the seat to the final bill.

TRUE the price may even vary if you have your coffee standing at the bar or seated at a table. At the restaurant it’s the same thing, “the cover” has to be paid for. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we are not going to lie to you, it is possible that we make you pay the coperto (the “cover”) and / or the pane (the bread) but the price, which is indicated on the menu is relatively low. Also remember that usually the price of dishes is much lower than in France.

WRONG pasta is a dish in its own right. You can choose to eat them before or instead of a meat dish. To accompany your meat or your fish, you can choose a contortion (vegetables, fries, salad or potato).

-Italians don’t eat cheese.

FALSE there are delicious restaurant in pakistan cheeses, different from those found in France and unique depending on the region, real treasures! They are usually eaten before a meal, as an antipasto . Except in the restaurant obviously, which adopted the French method, more elegant.