For students and teachers, few words are sweeter than “snow day”. Waking up to find school canceled and the day clear for winter activities is the stuff of dreams. From sledding and snowball fights to skiing and snowboarding, snow days open a world of chilly fun. With some preparation and creativity, you can make sure your snow days live up to all their hype.

Plan Outdoor Activities in Advance

While watching movies in warm pajamas has its appeals, snow days are rare winter gifts. Make the most of them by planning outdoor activities you can jump into as soon as you get the good news. Pack sleds, snowshoes, ice skates, and disks in an accessible place so you’re ready to head out when fresh snow beckons. Map nearby hills perfect for sledding. Scout locations for snow forts and snowmen. Have a snowball fight plan in place to challenge friends. Draft skiing and snowboarding takeover schemes if you don’t already have your own equipment. The people at Salt Lake City’s Canyon Sports recommend researching area ski rental options to make hitting the slopes an easy option. With some advanced preparation, you’ll spend less time figuring out how to capitalize on the snow day and more time actually enjoying the wintry possibilities.

Prep Snow Day Attire and Supplies

Snow days mean bundling up, so make sure you have waterproof gloves, boots, hats, scarves, and jackets ready to go. Store hand and foot warmers in your winter wear bin for when extremities go numb. Keep extra socks on hand so you can change into dry pairs if your current ones get wet. Equip backpacks and cargo pockets with thermoses full of hot chocolate or apple cider to fuel outdoor expeditions. Stock trail mix, protein bars, and other portable, energizing snacks you can easily throw in your bag and take with you. Prepare for power outages with battery operated lanterns and blankets. With the proper gear, supplies and clothing, you’ll stay warm and well-fed no matter what winter weather adventures you embark on.

Have Indoor Back Up Plans

While snow days nudge you to head outside, inevitable icing, freezing rain or simple exhaustion may force you back indoors. Build shelves of snow day books and magazines so you have reading material when snuggling up. Create an epic snow day movie playlist that will make hibernating in comfy clothes enjoyable. Round up friends and family for marathon board game tournaments. Bake up recipes for snow day treats you can munch on all day like cookies, cake, and hot chocolate. Organize crafting activities like making snowflake art out of paper or painting river rocks. Brainstorm scavenger hunt ideas throughout the house. Having a list of go-to activities makes quieting down indoors almost as fun as playing in the snow outdoors.

Stay Connected with Snowbound Friends

A great snow day often means friends stuck at home too, so make an effort to stay connected. Create a group chat to share funny memes, videos, and observations throughout the day. Challenge each other over multiplayer online games where you can interact in real time. Video call to recreate hangouts and banter despite the weather keeping you apart. Collaborate on projects like snow day zines by having everyone submit writing, drawing and photography that captures the experience.


Snow days represent a wonderful opportunity amidst winter’s chill for excitement and joy. Preparing gear and clothing, planning activities in advance and staying connected with friends means you’re sure to make school cancellation something truly memorable. Before you know it, the snow will melt into spring, and the season’s magic will fade. So be ready to seize winter’s snowy gifts when they arrive!